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Kaubakrediidi taotlemine

1. Fill in an application for goods credit.

2. Add the required annexes.

3. Bring the filled application with annexes to your closest Ehituse ABC to the shop manager, project or sales manager or secretary or send it by mail to the address:

AS Optimera Estonia, Peterburi tee 71, 11415 Tallinn,

with a note “To credit committee”.

4. The Credit Committee has the right not to process the credit application if it has been prepared incorrectly and/or it does not contain all necessary documents.

5. The processing term of a correctly prepared credit application with the required documents is up to 1 week as of the submission date.

6. The decisions about the credit limit, permanent discount percentage and payment terms shall be made by the Credit Committee based on the submitted documents, prior buying behaviour analysis and information concerning payment behaviour.

7. If the Credit Committee does not reach a decision within a week, for whatever reason (the need for an additional background check, etc.), the Committee shall inform the company who submitted the application thereof.

8. Based on the Committee’s decision and mutual negotiations between the parties, a contract of purchase and sales shall be prepared and the person who submitted the application can start purchasing goods from Ehituse ABC.