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Transportation terms and conditions

The goods purchased from Ehituse ABC Online Store can be delivered to Omniva parcel machines and post offices all over Estonia, and Omniva also offer courier service. The goods can be collected from all Ehituse ABC stores. We also offer special transport for goods that are larger/heavier than usual. At the moment we only deliver to Estonia.

Omniva’s mode of transport

Mode of transport

Maximum weight


Parcel machine

30 kg


Post office

30 kg

Up to 14.99 kg – €6.95

15-30 kg – €11.75


Mo–Sat 8.00–20.00

600 kg

Depends on the address, see table below

 * The courier service delivers the parcel to the front door or gate








0 - 14,99 kg

6.65 €

7.55 €

8.45 €

11.35 €

15 - 29,99 kg

10.45 €

11.35 €

13.25 €

15.95 €

30 - 49,99 kg

13.25 €

14.25 €

16.95 €

19.95 €

50 - 99,99 kg

16.15 €

18.95 €

20.85 €

23.75 €

100 - 199,99 kg

23.75 €

26.65 €

29.45 €

 34.25 €

200 - 299,99 kg

27.55 €

 31.45 €

35.15 €

 39.95 €

300 - 499,99 kg

38.95 €

43.75 €

 48.55 €

  55.15 €

500 - 600 kg

76.15 €

86.65 €

96.95 €

109.00 €







* If the package weighs more than 30 kg and/or exceeds the courier package dimensions (height + bottom perimeter = 3 m; longest side up to 1.5 m), the parcel is considered to be a large package. For large packages, the actual weight and capacity weight are compared and the service charge is calculated on the basis of the larger of the two.

  •          To calculate the capacity weight, the package’s height, length and width are measured (for non-standard packages the notional cube which the package would fit into is taken as the basis).
  •          Capacity weight = height x length x width x 250 kg/m³
  •          The capacity weight is always calculated in meters. 

Zone 1: Tallinn

Zone 2: Jõhvi, Pärnu, Rakvere, proximity of Tallinn (Harku Rural Municipality, Jõelähtme Rural Municipality, Keila Rural Municipality, Kiili Rural Municipality, Maardu, Paldiski, Raasiku Rural Municipality, Rae Rural Municipality, Saku Rural Municipality, Saue Rural Municipality, Viimsi Rural Municipality), Tartu, settlements near Tartu (Ilmatsalu small town, Kõrveküla, Lohkva, Märja, Tõrvandi, Ülenurme), Viljandi

Zone 3: Elva, Haapsalu, Jõgeva, Kohtla-Järve, Kuressaare, Kärdla, Märjamaa, Narva, Otepää, Paide, Põltsamaa, Põlva, Rapla, Sillamäe, Türi, Valga, Võru

Zone 4: all other Estonian settlements


I will collect the goods myself (free of charge)

The purchaser has the opportunity to collect the ordered goods from Ehituse ABC stores. For this you must choose “Will collect myself” from the modes of transportation and specify the suitable Ehituse ABC store. 

Upon collecting the goods yourself, the same delivery time applies as for other modes of transportation. The goods will be available within 5 working days.

The purchaser will be informed by phone or via e-mail when the goods are ready to be collected.

The package must be collected at the store within 7 days as of receiving the notice.

The goods will be issued only to the person who ordered the goods based on the order number and an identity document, except when the customer informs the Ehituse ABC store beforehand of changing the person who collects the goods.


Special transport

If the purchased goods exceed the limits set by Omniva as to its volume and/or weight, Ehituse ABC Online Store will offer the chance to use special transport. For this you must choose “Special transport” from the modes of transportation and confirm the order. Then the purchaser will be contacted and submitted a price offer for the transportation; if this is suitable, the payment method and transportation time are agreed on.

NB! Confirming the order of special transport does not oblige the purchaser to pay for the goods or transport; the purchaser has the right to withdraw from the purchase after receiving the transportation price offer.