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Ehituse ABC chain stores offer their clients a convenient way to pay for their goods by instalments. When you are repairing or renovating your home, paying by instalments enable you to purchase everything at once and make your home beautiful more quickly.

Instalments enable you to buy everything necessary: paints and brushes, or wallpaper and a glue, irrespective of the content of the shopping cart. An instalment payment plan can be applied for when purchasing goods or services from Ehituse ABC in values from 150 to 10,000 euros.

Terms and conditions of Ehituse ABC instalment payments

1. Applicant’s age: 19–85 years

2.Payoff time: from 6 to 48 months

3. Instalment amount: 150–10,000 euros

4. A €15 contract fee for purchases up to 3000 euros, a €25 contract fee and 10% downpayment for purchases exceeding 3000 euros

5. Interest: 14.9% from the purchase amount


A special offer for loyal customers (owner of an Ehituse ABC loyalty card) – 0% interest on the following conditions:

1. Payoff time for a contract with 0% interest: 6 months

2. It is possible to purchase discounted products with 0% interest

3. Permanent discount does not apply to 0% interest

4. A €15 contract fee for purchases up to 3000 euros (included in the monthly payment), a €25 contract fee for purchases exceeding 3000 euros