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Ehituse ABC stores are still open, with a particular focus on the cleanliness of the contact surface areas

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

As of 11 May, lll 12 stores of Ehituse ABC all across Estonia are open!


Ehituse ABC stores are open, with a particular focus on the cleanliness of the contact surface areas

Changes related to the state of emergency: if possible, use the online shop or place an order with client managers

In order to prevent the state of emergency established in Estonia and to reduce the possible spread of the COVID-19 virus, Ehituse ABC intensified the cleaning schedules of all its stores. During the outbreak of the virus, we recommend that you primarily would shop online or place orders contactless, reaching the customer managers by e-mail or telephone.

The health and safety of all our employees and customers is a priority for us, which is the reason we have implemented preventive measures in all Ehituse ABC stores to minimize the potential spread of the virus. We have tightened the cleaning schedules for both showrooms and staff rooms, plus we have added disinfectants to the stores to ensure maximum hygiene.

Special attention will be paid to checkout areas, self-service checkout points, handles and other contact surface areas for showrooms and staff facilities. To reduce exposure and protect both employees and customers, cash registers, service desks and information points are also marked with a 1m outline to avoid any close contact.

Furthermore, cashiers and self-checkout facilities also have hand-sanitizers available to all customers, both when entering and leaving the store.

All 12 stores of Ehituse ABC all across Estonia are open, but in order to reduce the risk of infection, please prefer to shop at Ehituse ABC e-shop or place orders with the client manager via e-mail or telephone to enable contact-free fulfilment of orders. All contacts may be found HERE.

Goods may be picked up at Ehituse ABC stores or ordered via Omniva at the nearest parcel machine or by courier directly at home.

In order to prevent the circulation of the virus, Ehituse ABC has also changed its daily work organization. All employees whose work allows them to work in a home office are home-based as of today. We have asked all store staff to pay particular attention to hygiene.

The precautions applied by Ehituse ABC upon issuance and delivery of orders from the e-store and when placing contactless orders are as follows:

- Goods ordered via the e-store, telephone or e-mail can be picked up during the opening hours. As a result of the virus, we have reduced any close contact between the issuer of the goods and the customer to a minimum.

- Goods can also be ordered with Omniva at the nearest parcel machine or by courier at home. 

- We disinfect the environment where orders are assembled on a daily basis.

- Our contractual partner, Omniva, has rendered contactless all orders for delivery and receipt. This means that the courier keeps a distance with the customer, records the customer's details by himself / herself, does not have it signed, takes a picture of the package and will not be in close contact with the customer. In addition, further measures have been taken for a more careful and regular disinfection of parcel machine doors, screens and payment terminals.

Ehituse ABC intently monitors the spread of the virus and will take action according to the instructions given by the Health Board.


We are counting on everyone’s understanding!

Your Ehituse ABC